Once Vespa Club Indonesia was approved by Vespa World Club to host Vespa World Days 2020,
Vespa Club Indonesia formed a committee team to hold the Vespa World Days Bali 2020 event,
which will be held on July 23-26 2020 at Mertasari Beach Sanur, Bali. The Vespa clubs and
communities agreed to give a name to this committee as “Vespa Craftsman”.

Vespa Craftsman consists of various Vespa communities and clubs in Jakarta as well as in the
regions. The task of the Vespa Craftsman prepares plans from the beginning for the VWD Bali
2020, such as the framework, concepts, forms and programs of the VWD Bali 2020. The Vespa
Craftsman has a weekly schedule for a joint meeting to succeed Vespa world Days Bali 2020. In
addition to online socialization both on the website as well as Facebook and Instagram social
media, Vespa Craftsman also socializes directly to Vespa club or community events, all over
Indonesia where the event is held.

No less important than the VWD Bali 2020, Vespa Craftsman also prepares a National Vespa
Meeting, where Vespa communities or clubs in Indonesia may follow the requirements of a
Vespa club or community that has more than five years with a minimum of twenty members,
entitled to participate National Vespa Meeting. The purpose of the National Vespa Meeting is
to elect the President of the Vespa Club Indonesia directly and openly.

With the formation of Vespa Craftsman by Vespa Club Indonesia, it became very important to
hold and succeed the VWD Bali 2020 event with a financial transparency and accountability.